iPhone 12 Becomes Most Popular 5G-Ready Phone in the World – Attains Four-Times the Market Share as Samsung’s Top-Seller

iPhone 12 Becomes Most Popular 5G-Ready Phone in the World - Attains Four-Times the Market Share as Samsung’s Top-Seller

The iPhone 12 mini may not have been a popular model from Apple’s latest lineup, but the iPhone 12 appears to be experiencing an opposite reception. According to the latest data, the 6.1-inch member has become the most popular 5G-ready device in such a short time, beating out other Android-fueled smartphones that launched before it.

For October 2020, the iPhone 12 Secured a 16 Percent Market Share for the 5G-Ready Smartphone Space

The latest stats from Counterpoint Research (via Patently Apple) reveals that the iPhone 12 has secured a 16 percent market share for October. During the same period, the iPhone 12 Pro accumulated an 8 percent market share, followed by Samsung’s Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, which amassed a measly 4 percent global audience despite launching before the two aforementioned models.

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One factor that allowed the iPhone 12 to obtain its popularity is the demand for 5G-ready smartphones. Pair that with attractive carrier promos in the U.S., and you have a successful business recipe. The iPhone 12 also provides mmWave support, which could have been why this particular model was a favorite pick amongst U.S. consumers. Apple has always experienced tremendous success in the U.S. as far as iPhone sales go, but a global presence of being available in 140 regions also benefited the tech giant immensely.

The report mentions that moving forward, demand for the iPhone 12 series is likely to remain strong through Q4 2020, especially during the annual Christmas season. If that wasn’t sufficient for Apple, the company could ship the highest number of iPhones next year, with the company reportedly asking suppliers to increase production by 30 percent in H1, 2021. When the iPhone 13 family arrives, it isn’t going to be delayed, like the case was with the iPhone 12 lineup as a previous report talked about a future launch happening on schedule; during September.

This means that four new models will be available for customers earlier, giving Apple a small but noteworthy headstart for 2021. For now, we’ll see how well the iPhone 12 continues to maintain its popularity, and like always, we’ll update our readers on the latest, so stay tuned.

News Source: Patently Apple

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