iPhone 11 Was the Most Popular Smartphone for Q1 2020 – It Even Outpaced the iPhone XR

iPhone 11 Was the Most Popular Smartphone for Q1 2020 - Outpaced the iPhone XR

The latest stats from the Omdia Research's Smartphone Model Market Tracker tool states that the iPhone 11 was the most popular smartphone model for Q1 2020. This means that from the January to March period, the iPhone 11 outpaced the previous best-selling model in the world, the iPhone XR.

Apple’s $699 iPhone 11 Sold Around 19.5 Million Units in a Single Quarter

Not surprisingly, Apple continued its dominating run as far as iPhone sales go. Previously, it was reported that the iPhone XR was the best-selling smartphone of 2019, even beating more affordable Android-running solutions out there. Now, the iPhone XR’s position has been taken over by the iPhone 11, which is unsurprising and we’ll tell you why. It sports a lower starting price tag, a much faster A13 Bionic SoC, more cameras, faster Face ID, and more, making it a better smartphone package in every possible way.

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What’s even more surprising is the fact that Apple was able to sell 19.5 million units with the COVID-19 pandemic going on. That’s not to say that the Android camp suffered, but that depends on how you look at things. The second best-selling smartphone for Q1 2020 was the Galaxy A51, which sold around 6.8 million units. The Redmi Note 8 came in third, selling 6.6 million units. While these figures aren’t bad by any means, they are nowhere near the popularity of the iPhone 11 and considering that the iPhone 11 is more expensive than these two models, it makes the feat even more impressive.

Also, with the launch of the $399 2020 iPhone SE, which to remind you, features the A13 Bionic just like the iPhone 11, it might exceed the sales figure of the aforementioned model. According to a previous report, sales of the 2020 iPhone SE are expected to reach 20 million units.

Looking at the price of the iPhone SE, it should encourage current Android users looking for an affordable solution to pick this up, because it effortlessly outpaces those $1000+ flagships thanks to its A13 Bionic silicon.

As for the iPhone 11, let us see if it can maintain the same momentum as it did this quarter.

News Source: AppleInsider

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