DxOMark Will Announce iPhone 11’s Image, Video Results Tomorrow; Respectable Scores Expected

Omar Sohail
iPhone 11’s Camera Results Will Be Published by DxOMark on Jan. 23

The iPhone 11 camera is a respectable upgrade compared to the single-rear solution Apple incorporated on the iPhone XR back in 2018. At least now, the iPhone 11 is a little more versatile and if you want to see just how capable the optics side is, a detailed review From DxOMark is expected shortly.

iPhone 11 Camera Results Expected to Be Lower Than iPhone 11 Pro Max’s but Previous Comparisons Have Shown It to Be a Capable Handset

DxOMark hasn’t betrayed any results belonging to the iPhone 11 camera, so we’ll have to wait for the official results in due time. However, since the review charts include the iPhone 11 Pro Max results, we can have a fair bit of idea of where the iPhone 11 might stand. The lack of a telephoto lens on the iPhone 11 might reduce the overall scores, but we believe the $699 2019 model to achieve a respectable standing in the rankings.

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After all, it made short work of the Pixel 4 in the Night Mode comparison shots, and this was during a time when the ‘Pixel’ name is synonymous with the best camera smartphone on the planet. It was also the most popular model during the U.S. holiday quarter, revealing that an iPhone with a lowered price that touts a ton of features can quickly become a favorite amongst customers.

The iPhone XR obtained an overall score of 101 in DxOMark’s results, so we believe the iPhone 11 camera could achieve a bit more than that. Where do you think Apple’s most affordable model of 2019 will stand? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments.

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News Source: Twitter (DxOMark)

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