Apple is Bringing Same-Unit Face ID Repairs For iPhone XS and Newer Models

Ali Salman
Face ID Repair on iPhone XS

You will soon be able to repair Face ID on iPhone without replacing the entire internals. According to the latest, Apple Stores and Apple's Authorized Service Providers will soon be able to repair faulty Face ID hardware without replacing the entire device. Scroll down to read more details on which iPhone models are supported for the Face ID repairs.

Apple Authorized Service Providers Will Soon be Able to Repair Face ID on iPhone Without Replacing The Entire Device

According to an internal memo from reliable sources (via MacRumors), Apple will allow Face ID repairs in the future without having to replace the entire device. The authorized technicians will gain access to TrueDepth Camera service parts which contain the entire Face ID components as well as the front-facing camera. The technicians will then be able to repair the faulty unit without replacing the device.

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The upcoming change will be more than a welcome addition and Apple says that it will reduce the number of replacements for the entire unit. The latest move is part of Apple's attempts to reduce the carbon footprint for the betterment of the environment. One thing to note here is that the iPhone X is left out of the equation. What this means is that service providers will only be able to repair Face ID on the iPhone XS and all newer models.

Face ID Repair on iPhone XS

The iPhone X introduced Face ID to the world back in 2017 and it is strange to see why Apple excluded it from the list of devices. Apple Authorized Service providers will use Apple Service ToolKit diagnostic tool for same-unit Face ID repair or a complete replacement. Apple will share more details on the subject later on along with the appropriate training for the task.

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