Access Recent Contacts with iOS 8 Home Button – How to


Apple showcased its next mobile OS iteration iOS 8 yesterday at the WWDC Keynote event. While the OS hasn't been tampered with radically in the design sense, much has been done to the working features of the operating system. In the coming weeks and month, as we await the public release of iOS 8 in fall this year, we will try to compile as many iOS 8 tutorials as possible to help you get the most out of this superb software powering your iPhone, iPad, and iPods.

How to access contacts from iOS 8 Home Button:

With many other features and enhancements, one thing that particularly got very easy is accessing your recent contacts! Whether that contact is by call or message, you can see them in the list. Now your home button cannot only give you access to your recent apps, but it will also help you reach out to recent contacts.

Simply double click iOS 8 home button and it will show you the most recent contacts right at the top of your screen. This list shows up to 8 recent contacts, with the most recent contact as the first item in the list. Once you tap on any of those contacts, you will get various options to take actions. Make a phone call, a message, or FaceTime audio or video calls - easier to do various tasks simply with an iOS 8 home button double click!iOS 8 Home Button

Most of us are always contacting with same bunch of people through out our day. This idea actually makes contacting those people, either via calls or messages, fairly easy and simple!

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