Hack Provider is Selling Battlefield 2042 Hacks Ahead of Technical Test


Everyone is eagerly waiting for the release of Battlefield 2042's technical test. The game is going to be fully released in October of this year. DICE themselves have been hyping up the game to everyone with deep dives, teaser trailers, and more. Unfortunately, there's no such thing as a fair game for the subset of gamers who cheat their way to the top of the ranks.

This isn't the first time this kind of issue has happened, of course. I mean, Call of Duty's Battle Royale Warzone has to deal with tons of hackers. Quite recently, infinity Ward has taken to use rigorous anti-cheat measures and even hardware bans to prevent the making of new accounts by hackers.

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However, what's shocking about this piece of news over every other is the fact that a cheat provider known as IWantCheats (one of many Cheat provider websites) has outlined the cheats that will be available by the time Battlefield 2042 hits it's technical test during September. That's right, the cheat provider is boasting that they have cheats for a game that hasn't even come out. Now, if that isn't chilling you to the bone, I don't know what to tell you.

The site advertises a variety of hacks for Battlefield 2042. Some of which are going to give extreme advantages to those who use them:

Battlefield 2042

Of course, the main "selling point" is that the site guarantees that the hacks are "safe to use". Essentially providing a potential cheater the security that they won't get any consequences for their actions. What's even more worrying is that the website also states that game developers don’t have access to the “advanced features like safety shields or proxy IPs” to be able to ban players and catch them. The website also claims that they update their hacks “the second a new patch comes out from the developer.”

Is this a bluff? Maybe so. Maybe DICE is expecting these cheaters to show up so they can implement the rough measures that IW is implementing such as hardware bans. Maybe the cheats themselves don't actually exist and the potential cheaters will end up being scammed for whatever amount of money they had to pay for these cheats. No honor among criminals, right?

One thing's for sure, the upcoming beta of Battlefield 2042 is going to be quite interesting. Guess we'll have to wait and see what September is going to deliver.

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