Apex Legends Cheaters Are Getting Hardware Banned


Cheaters and hackers are a huge problem in every online game, and not all developers know how to handle the issue properly. This isn't the case for Respawn, which is going to extreme lengths to keep Apex Legends as cheater-free as possible.

According to online reports, those who are caught cheating in the battle royale game are getting their hardware banned, as they cannot play the game with another account after having been banned.

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Last week, a new Apex Legends update has been released on all formats, introducing quality of life improvements and more.

Quality Of Life

  • Added the ability to party up with the last squad you played with. After the match you will see buttons in the lobby that display the last two people you played with and can invite them to your squad.
  • Additional behind-the-scenes improvements for squashing cheaters.
  • Added Mute button during the intro and Legend selection.
  • When using the Report Player button for PC, you now have the option of selecting Cheat or Other.
  • Made small improvements to the UI for customizing Legends.
  • Added option to turn off lighting on compatible hardware (for example, Razer Chroma devices) in the Mouse/Keyboard settings.
  • Added informative messages that appear on PC for crashes due to running out of memory and CPU errors best explained by overclocking/overheating.
  • Added better collision to the turrets on Supply Ships.
  • Stability fixes to all platforms.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where the Battle Pass rewards page would not have a default item selected, resulting in a mostly blank page.
  • Fixed bug for PS4 and X1 where sometimes attempting to use a keyboard to chat could cause a fatal script error.
  • Fixed bug with Banner Cards not showing up during and at the end of a match.

Jump Pad Phase Walk Interactions

  • Octane’s Jump Pad no longer affects players when using Into the Void ability.

Apex Legends is now available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in all regions.