More Exynos 990-Powered Galaxy S20 Ultra Owners Are Complaining About Overheating, Autofocus Issues Now


Samsung appears to be aware of the fact the Exynos 990 pales in comparison to the Snapdragon 865. After all, why else would it restrict its own chipset to Europe, migrating the South Korean consumers to Qualcomm’s SoC this year? Although the Korean giant recently tried to ensure consumers that its strict testing protocol ensures performance is the same regardless of the chipset, evidence suggests otherwise. Some Galaxy S20 Ultra consumers are now reporting that the Exynos-fueled models are heating up and this isn’t the first time this is happening.

European Users Are up in Arms Against Exynos 990-Fueled Galaxy S20 Ultra

This is a $1,400 phone we’re talking about, and sure it’s all decked out with a 120Hz screen, 108MP camera, and 5G support, but what good is that if it keeps heating up unceremoniously? Lest you fear that this a Galaxy Note7 kind of problem, that doesn’t seem to be the case as the issues are limited to the Exynos 990 variants. Even if you somehow ignore this problem, which isn’t really possible as you can’t use a phone that feels too hot to hold, even the camera is exhibiting problems.

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The autofocus has been deemed useless by some consumers and they say that photos come out blurry. Picture quality has been termed poor and the super slow motion quality is also said to be a disappointment. Battery life is another sore spot and the reason behind it, as you might have guessed, is again said to be Samsung’s proprietary chipset.

“Hi , as stated above, it is heating up like crazy , even now as I'm  typing on it. Basicly what is on is 120hz , 5g, and thats about it. And this is just one of the issues, the camera autofocus is completly usless , pictures come out blurry even when it's focused in, when zoomed x5 in some dark spot, some blue dots appear out of nowhere , battery life is complete sh*t, most likely due to overheating (nothing Compared to what I saw from you youtubers and Samsung ads) Super slow motion quality could be compared to a calculator. What the hell is going on with this phone !! Is it just mine ?? Should I replace it ? I really wanted to like this phone, but with issues like this I don't trust your brand anymore @samsung! you promised innovation , and you deliver this , to your loyal customers , shame on you ! When can we expect any information  ?”

That’s not all. Some users even claim that apps crash and the phone lags a lot during gaming sessions, and while you might be okay with that on a mid-ranger, this performance isn’t justified on a pricey phone like the Galaxy S20 Ultra.

All in all, it’s not a good look for Samsung. The Galaxy S20 sales are already said to be low when compared to its predecessor and the new complaints will likely affect demand even further. Sure, software fixes might remedy the problems to some extent, but even on paper, the Snapdragon 865 is superior to Exynos 990. Maybe it’s time to let go of the in-house chips, at least for premium phones. Otherwise, it will just continue undermining other aspects of Samsung’s flagship handsets.

News Source: Samsung