Galaxy S20 Ultra With Exynos 990 Suffers From Autofocus, Overheating and Other Problems – Acceptable for a $1400 Handset?


Samsung’s problems with its Exynos 990 are not unfounded and continue to be shared in the negative spotlight. Recently, Samsung’s Exynos team was humiliated for reportedly selling Snapdragon 865 versions of the Galaxy S20 series in the company’s home market of South Korea, a region where Exynos-only variants are sold. They had their reasons for doing so, as one Galaxy S20 Ultra owner points out that a flagship which costs $1400 can exhibit so many problems, making this behavior of Samsung completely unacceptable.

Galaxy S20 Ultra Owner Shows the Abysmal Camera Autofocus Quality Being Shown by the Flagship

Dawood, or Pegasaie as shown by his Twitter handle, is probably livid at the fact that he shelled $1400 for the Galaxy S20 Ultra and got something close to a lemon instead of a mobile computing marvel. While showcasing one of the biggest issues with the Exynos 990 version of the flagship in a short video clip, he also claims that there are other problems plaguing the Galaxy S20 Ultra. However, let us talk about the issue shown in the vide.

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As you can see below, the Galaxy S20 Ultra has difficulty focusing on the subject at hand. According to previous reports, this issue occurs with the Exynos 990 version of the flagship, and not with the Snapdragon 865 variant, and if you’re experiencing the same problem, do let us know. It’s also not confirmed if the problem can be remedied with a firmware update but we share Dawood’s thoughts on how this isn’t supposed to happen with a $1400 smartphone.

What’s more is that the Galaxy S20 Ultra armed with Samsung’s homegrown SoC is exhibiting performance, overheating and battery life problems, according to Dawood. For the time being, we believe Samsung should come out with an explanation on why it expects customers to pay a price equivalent to a gaming laptop or desktop computer for a smartphone and still face such issues?

At the most, customers can be warned to stay away from Exynos 990 versions of the Galaxy S20 lineup and hope that Samsung’s rumored Exynos 1000 development on the 5nm technology yields much better results than what we’re seeing at the moment.

After all, the Snapdragon 875 will need some competition later in the year and hopefully, Samsung would have learned it lesson by now.

News Source: Twitter (Pegasaie)