Here’s A Leaked Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Video Which Shows Increased Edge Radians


As its launch date nears, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has started to stay a consistent part of news. We've been seeing tons of renders and leaked images lately in different color options, that lay out the device's design quite a bit. While no major changes are expected, Samsung is expected to make some subtle upgrades to the device's overall form. To that end, a video's surfaced today, which claims to show the Galaxy Note 7 fully functional.

Leaked Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Video Shows Device From Multiple Angles As Subtle Changes Surface

Renders and images of the Galaxy Note 7 which have surfaced so far show a rather solid approach for the device. Samsung's shift to the Edge on the original Galaxy Note 4 and subsequently on the Galaxy S6 seems to be fading away. With the Note 7, we should expect the final refinement of the feature, on the hardware end, and today's video appears to show exactly that. Samsung's paying a stronger aesthetic focus this year, as the Note 7's also been reported to be coming with several different color options.

Samsung's got the advantage of mass production on its end after all, as the Korean manufacturer continues to focus towards in house production. Hardware wise, the Galaxy Note 7 is expected to come in iterations of both the Exynos and the Snapdragon, which will be complemented by 6GB of in-house 10nm DRAM. Rear camera specifications for the device are expected to resemble the Note 7 more or less, and Samsung will also be making subtle adjustments to the S-Pen. Design wise, we're also expecting a slight Radian increase for both the Edges.

The video shows the device being tested for glass protector and with the Galaxy Note 7, Samsung finally looks to have perfected its unique Edged design. While we'd say that the top of the device appears to be rather too flat when compared to the overall curved looks, the South Korean manufacturer is getting several things right as well. After all, the major focus behind the Note 7 this year will be its strong hardware performance, making design seondary.

Its less than two weeks until the Note 7 is finally with us, and judging by the looks of things so far, Samsung appears to be in control. While features such as Iris scanning are always a bit off when compared to regular upgrades, its good to see a solid approach on a mobile device once again. If you've got plans for an upgrade this year, the Note 7 will deliver quite a bit on the Note 5, so be sure to stay tuned for the device's launch in August. Until then, let us know what you think in the comments section below. We'll keep you updated on the latest.