As The Galaxy Note 7’s Launch Date Nears, Pricing Rumors Paint Dark Picture

Ramish Zafar
Galaxy Note 7 Official Front Side Image Leaked In All Its Glory With An ‘Always On’ Display Present

With less than half a month to go until the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is launched, nearly every aspect of the device has surfaced. From renders to images and hardware specifications, we've once again got a fair idea of what to expect from Samsung this summer. Now, folks over at China simply can't seem to rest and today, we've managed to get our hands on what is claimed to be the price of Samsung's upcoming phablet.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 To Come With A Price Tag Of $896 Claim Sources

When you take a look at the alleged specifications and features of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, one thing's for sure. Samsung's greatly upped its game this year when it comes to hardware specifications and features, and the Note 7 should be expected to deliver on a lot of ends. On the processor end, we're hearing that the device will be coming with the Snapdragon 821; a beefed up version of the Snapdragon 820 launched earlier this year by Qualcomm.

On the camera end, the Note 7 is expected to come with a 12MP, Dual Pixel camera, similar to the one found on the Galaxy S7. While Samsung might up the pixel count in its premium phablet, the technology should be expected to stay the same more or less. The device will also be coming with a rather hefty battery in excess of 4000mAh, so you shouldn't worry about running out of power when using all of this hardware.


Now, sources out of China are claiming that some third party manufacturers have started releasing details of the device and judging by these, the Note 7 shouldn't be easy on the pocket. According to them, the 64GB variant of the Galaxy Note 7 will be coming with a rather hefty price tag of 5999 Yuan, or $896. While this price isn't official by any means, it still gives us a rough gauge on what to expect this summer from Samsung.

Since we are talking about the high end bracket here, today's information shouldn't come as a major surprise, and we're sure the Note 7 will cost less after carrier plans have come in play. The European and US variants of the device should see several other factors come in play for pricing as well. So will you be upgrading to the Galaxy Note 7 this summer? Let us know what you think in the comments section below and stay tuned for the latest.


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