Galaxy Note 7 Could Feature An Accessory That Will Add A Tactile Feedback Function To It


With new lists of goodies being added to the Galaxy Note 7 ranging from a Y-OCTA display, and a dual-curved edge screen, it appears that the company wants to add more productivity for users to take advantage of, even though it’s going to be an aftermarket accessory that you’re most definitely going to have to spend extra money to acquire.

Galaxy Note 7 Rumored To Feature A Keyboard Accessory That Will Make It Feel That You’re Going Back To BlackBerry’s Roots

Adding a physical keyboard to a phablet such as the Galaxy Note 7 will add a tactile feedback function to it. Now, we know that the haptic motor will continue to trigger as long as you keep on tapping the on-screen keys of the device, but they will come nowhere close to the actual physical sound and feel that a keyboard accessory is able to make. Additionally, enabling the haptic motor will definitely have an adverse effect on battery life, and you’ll want to savor every percentage of that battery.

As for the remainder of the specifications, Galaxy Note 7 will be available in a variety of storage models, which have been listed below and the internal memory will satisfy the UFS 2.0 standard.

  • 64GB
  • 128GB
  • 256GB

Galaxy Note 7(20

Keep in mind that you will have a MicroSD card slot for immediate storage expansion, so you can always get away with purchasing the base storage model and not worry about the slightest issue concerning low amount of storage.

The UFS 2.0 standard obviously means that you will get faster read and write speeds. Apart from this, one of the most highly anticipated rumors is a dual-camera configuration. In terms of its hardware, Galaxy Note 7 is either going to feature a Snapdragon 820 or an Exynos 8893 underneath its hood.

To top this, Galaxy Note 7 has also been reported to feature a massive 5.7-inch screen (there could be another variant) and IP68 certification, meaning that the smartphone is going to be waterproof till a certain depth. Additionally, the upcoming handset is expected to feature 4GB of LPDDR4 RAM; this will be the same amount of RAM present in Galaxy Note 5 because instead of having more RAM, Samsung will probably be thinking that adding more memory is baseless until the tech giant can get the software done right, and it will actually save the user more battery life too.

Galaxy Note 7

We don’t know the current price of Samsung’s keyboard accessory, but if it is going to be attached to your Galaxy Note 7, then it isn’t going to cheap, although we can always rely on 3rd party manufacturers to sweep in produce better accessories for a much cheaper price tag.