Galaxy Fold 2 Launch Date May Happen Sometime in April 2020; Shortly After Rumored Galaxy S11 Unveiling

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Galaxy Fold 2 Launch for April 2020 Rumored With New Design & Camera

The relaunch of the Samsung Galaxy Fold apparently went better than its initial debut. The company seems quite satisfied with the response and is apparently gearing up for the Galaxy Fold 2 launch. The South Korean giant has already teased a clamshell foldable form factor and a foreign news outlet has highlighted some other areas where the phone might differ from its predecessor.

Samsung’s Rumored Galaxy Fold 2 Launch Might Be Accompanied With Some Added Regarding Several Design Changes

According to ENews, the Galaxy Fold 2 has a transparent PI (polyimide) layer on top of the display for protection. Samsung is apparently in talks with the supplier DOWOO INSYS regarding the production of UTG (Ultra Thin Glass) for its upcoming foldable phones. Unlike the plastic PI cover, the UTG will apparently be more scratch-resistant. Thus, if the company goes with this option, at least it will not have to bombard customers with handling instructions during the Galaxy Fold 2 launch like it had to with its predecessor.

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It is believed that the chaebol will reveal the Galaxy Fold 2 launch date in Q1 2020. Moreover, the company is expected to release two foldable phones next year, which means the Galaxy Fold 2 will likely be released in H1 2020. However, the suppliers might require more time to perfect the UTG technology. Thus the company might stick to plastic polyimide for its next foldable offering

Even if the manufacturing issues are dealt with, UTG is a pretty expensive addition to the product, and apparently, the Galaxy Fold 2 price might hover around the $1,500 mark. Thus, it might make more sense to wait for the UTG cost to come down, otherwise, the price of the handset will probably be affected. Then, after the Galaxy Fold 2 launch, the company can go back to exploring improved variants fo UTG and request suppliers to have it ready in time for the third foldable handset.

Samsung has set some pretty ambitious sales targets for next year, and it’s apparently hoping to sell 6 million foldable handsets. A sturdier handset coupled with a lower price tag can surely help Samsung reach this goal, though we feel the company still needs to put out a few more iterations before customers are confident in making them their daily drivers.

News Source: ETNews

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