Galaxy Buds Plus Spec Sheet Leaked; Will Feature Deeper Spotify Integration and a Dedicated Game Mode

Much like the Galaxy S20 series of phones and the Galaxy Z Flip, we now know pretty much most of what there is to know about the Galaxy Buds' successor; the Galaxy Buds Plus. Evan Blass posted a Tweet yesterday that laid its entire spec sheet bare and even highlighted some of the differences between it and its predecessor.

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As you can see, the differences between the two aren't very significant. For $20 more, you get an extra microphone, better battery life, two-way dynamic drivers, the ability to connect to multiple devices simultaneously and a dedicated app on iOS. There's a new Spotify mode too. Seasoned leaker Max Weinbach shed some more light on the feature.

You can directly launch Spotify using the Galaxy Buds Plus

Apparently, long-pressing the pressure pad on the Galaxy Buds Plus will launch Spotify on your connected smartphone. The current-generation Galaxy Buds can only control music on an existing instance of Spotify, so this can be considered as an incremental upgrade. As far as the Tweet about the buds changing colors goes, it isn't anything new. This feature has been available on the original Galaxy Buds since launch.


The Galaxy Buds Plus will reportedly introduce a new Game Mode too. Not much is known about this feature, and it probably isn't much. At best, it could probably be a custom equalizer fine-tuned for gaming. A lot of modern-day games such as PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty Mobile rely on game audio to relay key information such as the direction of gunfire, enemy footsteps, and the likes. The headphones would do well amplifying such sounds to give players a slight competitive edge.

There is, however, one key feature missing from the Galaxy Buds Plus in the form of Active Noise Cancellation. Some might argue that truly wireless headphones don't really need ANC due to the toll it takes on the battery, and they're right to a certain degree. However, a lot of people were expecting the feature to make its way on the Galaxy Buds successor, mostly because Apple included it in the AirPods Pro.

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