First ARM-Based MacBook Could Start From Just $799, Hints Tipster; MacBook Pro May Carry a Higher Price


Apple may have been a brand name that’s synonymous with the terms ‘premium’ and ‘expensive’ but the company’s latest efforts have somewhat changed that perspective. With products like the 2020 iPhone SE and the iPad 7, it appears that Apple’s latest strategy is providing low-cost devices to customers and there’s a possibility that the first ARM-based MacBook also goes easy on your wallet. Rumored to start from only $799, a tipster has also provided estimated pricing details for the 13-inch MacBook Pro.

Tipster Does Claim That He’s Unaware of Exact Pricing, but Mentions That the ARM-Based 13-inch MacBook Pro Will Cost $1,099

Multiple reports of a 12-inch MacBook running a custom Apple chip have surfaced, with one of them stating that the machine’s silicon will be running 12 cores and is expected to arrive in late 2020. Twitter user Komiya states that he doesn’t have exact pricing information right now, but claims that the first ARM-based MacBook will start from $799, while the 13-inch MacBook Pro will start from $1,099.

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The cheapest Mac available from Apple is the 13-inch MacBook Air, costing $999 ($899 if you’re a student). The ARM-based MacBook sporting a more powerful chip that’s also energy-efficient, all the while allowing Apple to offer it at a lower starting price should make it an extremely compelling product. If someone believes that this ARM-based MacBook might not deliver on the performance front, they’re in for a surprise.

That’s because earlier, leaked A12Z Bionic scores running on the Mac mini revealed much higher results when the benchmarking app was running natively on the system instead of through Apple’s translation layer Rosetta 2, which was the reason behind the lowered performance. If the A12Z Bionic can achieve this result while featuring eight cores, imagine what a 12-core portable Mac will be capable of achieving?

Apple’s cheapest MacBook Pro costs $1,299 ($1,199 if you’re a student) and with the 13-inch ARM-based version reportedly going to into production from Q4, 2020, we’re not sure what the company’s strategy will be concerning the Intel-powered versions. Whatever Apple’s plans are for the future, we’ll find out in due time. As for a $799 ARM-based MacBook or even a $1,099 MacBook Pro; would you buy one if it is offered at such a price? Tell us down in the comments.

News Source: Twitter (Komiya)