Pokémon Go Now Supports 120fps Gameplay on iPhone 13 Pro Models

Ali Salman
Pokémon Go updated to support 120Hz display on iPhone 13 Pro

Pokémon Go is one of the most popular games on iOS and since its launch, the developers have made crucial changes to keep up with the latest trends. With the launch of the iPhone 13 Pro models. Apple introduced the 120Hz refresh rate on the flagship. With the new refresh rate, it is up to developers to update their apps for the user experience to climb to another level of smoothness. Today, Pokémon Go has been updated to take advantage of the higher 120Hz refresh rate displayed on the new iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. Scroll down to read more details on the subject.

Pokémon Go Updated to Support 120Hz Refresh Rate on the New iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Models

The feature was spotted by The Verge in an update and pointed it out that it is off by default. The reason why the 120Hz refresh rate is not enabled by default is the battery life of the iPhone 13 Pro series. While the new models bolster enhanced battery life thanks to the new A15 chips, it is still vital to leave the option in the user's hand. Henceforth, you would have to be playing Pokémon Go a lot to impact the battery life of the iPhone 13 Pro and especially the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

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A new update to Pokémon Go for iOS lets you run the game at higher frame rates. With version 1.191.0, the “advanced settings” section of the app now includes an option that reads “Unlock your device’s native refresh rate for higher FPS.”

I tried it out on my iPhone 13 Pro and it makes a huge difference. Pokémon Go isn’t the most visually complicated game, of course, but there’s a lot of scrolling and camera movement, and the smoother touch response feels a lot better when you’re lining up a pokéball throw with your finger […]

The new iOS feature isn’t limited to the 13 Pro and Pro Max, which are the only iPhones with 120Hz “ProMotion” displays. I also tried it on my old 8 Plus and it’s possible to unlock the frame rate there, too, though the aging A11 processor doesn’t always keep up a steady 60fps.

Niantic isn’t making a big deal out of the feature; it’s switched off by default.

Pokémon Go on iPHone 13 Pro 120Hz display

The ProMotion display on the iPhone 13 Pro series allows for variable refresh rates. What this means is that the display on your iPhone can shift from 10Hz to 120Hz depending on the type of app that is being used and how you are consuming the content. This allows the battery life to be saved while delivering a smooth user interface experience. It is great to see that Pokémon Go has finally updated its app to support the iPhone 13 Pro's 120Hz refresh rate display.

This is all there is to it, folks. How is your experience going with Pokémon Go? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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