DLSS Coming to Rust on July 1st; Linux Will Get DLSS in Vulkan Games Tomorrow


With AMD's FidelityFX Super Resolution officially launching tomorrow, we were sure NVIDIA would share some DLSS announcements today. That happened as expected, though NVIDIA did not talk about DLSS 2.2 except to say that the company doesn't advise doing the manual swap we detailed in a recent post as it's not guaranteed to work.

The announcements were of a more regular fashion. First and foremost, DLSS will be added to Rust (which already supports NVIDIA Reflex to lower the system latency) with an update scheduled for July 1st. Helk, Rust's Project Lead, Designer & Programmer, said in a statement:

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I'm pleased to announce on July 1st NVIDIA DLSS is available for Rust. In Rust split-second reactions can be the difference between life and death, with NVIDIA DLSS offering our players a performance boost, without sacrificing visual quality and a better overall experience, it's a win-win.

NVIDIA also stressed that several games recently added Deep Learning Super Sampling support, from Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege to The Persistence Enhanced, Necromunda: Hired Gun, No Man's Sky, and Chernobylite. Others will do so in the next month or so, such as LEGO Builder's Journey (which launches tomorrow and also supports RTX), DOOM Eternal (due on June 29th with both DLSS and raytraced reflections), and The Ascent (due on July 29th with both DLSS and raytracing).

Red Dead Redemption 2, Icarus: First Cohort and the horror game Dying: 1983 are also confirmed to be getting Deep Learning Super Sampling support 'soon.

In total, NVIDIA now boasts 'over 55 games' featuring Deep Learning Super Sampling, the most advanced image reconstruction technique currently available in the industry.

The goal is to increase this number going forward, of course, with the built-in Unreal Engine 4 plugin released late last year and the Unreal Engine 5 plugin that launched just a few days ago. The Unity engine is also due to be updated with an official DLSS plugin before the end of 2021.

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Last but not least, NVIDIA announced that a driver update will be released tomorrow on Proton, allowing Linux gamers to enable DLSS in Vulkan API games like in DOOM Eternal, No Man’s Sky, and Wolfenstein: Youngblood. Support for DirectX games is expected to land this Fall.

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