Will Corning Gorilla Glass 4 Wipe Out Cracked Screens?

Rafia Shaikh

Corning has today released the fourth generation of its popular Gorilla glass. Gorilla Glass 4 claims to be more resistant to shatters and drops providing greater protection. Gorilla Glass is still not completely shatter proof, however, it will now give you consolation that about 80% of times your device will survive the drop of one meter even on rough surfaces. Gorilla glass is popular for its being used in the iPad and iPhone models since 2012.

Gorilla Glass 4 - twice as strong!

Corning Gorilla Glass 4 offers twice the protection against shatters and drops as the Gorilla Glass 3. Tests conducted at Corning's labs proved that the latest generation of Gorilla can withstand drop tests twice as better than its competition and previous generation glass. The Corning Gorilla Glass 4 will protect the devices even on the roughest roads as it is being claimed that tests are conducted using 180-grit sandpaper “on rough surfaces that best approximate the real world of jagged streets, sidewalks and parking lots.”

Corning has started sending out samples to manufacturers and we are likely to see the latest generation of this strong glass in the upcoming flagship smartphones, most certainly in the iPhones. Cliff Hund, Corning East Asia president, explains that while sapphire is top of the line, Gorilla glass beats it when it comes to durability. Sapphire is also a strong candidate to be used by Apple in its products.

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