Gorilla Glass Two And A Half Times Stronger Than Sapphire Glass? Corning Glass Says Yes

The word Sapphire Glass has almost become synonymous with the iPhone 6 lately. It is perhaps the most widely circulated iPhone 6 rumor and report so far. Apple is expected by sources far and wide to launch the iPhone 6 with Sapphire Glass. This is purported to have many advantages over its predecessor i.e. gorilla glass.  Several internet sources have even carried out test of the alleged front panel of the iPhone 6 made out of Sapphire glass. One of these videos, found here ends up making a very strong point about the strength of the Sapphire display indeed. Well, looks like Gorilla glass had decided to fight back. Manufacturer Corning has today posted a video showing that gorilla glass is not weaker of the two. In fact, in the video Corning claims that the material is able to withstand two and half times as much stress when compared to Sapphire glass.

broken-iphone-2-450x280Gorilla Glass Stands Up To 400 lbs Of Stress - Two And A Half Times More Stronger Than Sapphire Claims Corning

Before we go into the details of the video uploaded by the company on it's site, let's start with a brief history of Corning first. For a long time the company's proprietary Gorilla glass has been the go to material for smartphone displays. Both the iPhone 5S and Samsung's Galaxy S5 use Corning's Gorilla glass. However, with the winds of change up in the air regarding the iPhone 6, it seems like folks over at Corning have gotten nervous.

This potential Apple shift from Gorilla to Sapphire glass will result in a significant loss of business for the manufacturer. In addition, the video uses a generic Sapphire panel, and not the one manufactured by Apple. Given the amount of time that Cupertino has reportedly invested in Sapphire glass, it wouldn't be surprising for the manufacturer to have some special tricks up it's sleeve as well. So check the video out below folks. And let us know if it changes your mind about Gorilla Glass.

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