Throw Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Thrice on Ground and It’ll Survive the Drop Test! – Video

Samsung brought in a completely new design with its latest Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. Full metal frame with Gorilla Glass 4 covering the device from the front and in the back give the smartphone a pretty luxury look. But does that mean that it's prone to getting severely hurt in case we humans happen to drop it? Well, here's the video proof that the beautiful S6 Edge might not be as vulnerable as we previously assumed.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge drop test video:

Sandwiched by glass, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge looks quite dependent on the strength of Gorilla Glass 4 - can it provide the much needed protection to the latest favorite smartphone of the consumers? A new video shows a woman slamming the brand new gadget to the ground with a lightening speed. Not one, not two but THREE major throws on the hard ground! However, the device takes these extremely hard face-ground (it's kinda face-palm moment anyway) that it feels like it would be devastated.

BUT, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge survives like a warrior! Applause, applause. While the video is in quite a low resolution, it seems quite clearly that the smartphone hasn't taken any damage and is definitely not in a bad shape. User who is dropping it then proceeds to flip through the home screens to show that it's working all perfectly.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge drop test video:

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is currently on pre-orders and will launch on April 10. Watch out for the date as we will get detailed camera tests, benchmark scores, and of course some more clearly videographed Galaxy S6 Edge drop  tests along with water-resistance tests. Till then, happy pre-ordering and stop worrying that this beauty of a smartphone isn't strong enough for your slippery fingers.

Video link, missed earlier, has been added. 

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