“Ambitious” Bloodborne PS5 Remaster Will Arrive Later This Year, French Leaker Claims; Will Offer More Than Solely 4K/60FPS

Bloodborne first-person mod

The rumored Bloodborne PS5 Remaster will be arriving later this year, and it will be quite ambitious, a French leaker has now claimed.

A lot has been said and written about a proper PS5 version, or next-gen update even, about FromSoftware’s Bloodborne. While a lot of these rumors have since been debunked, French leaker @SoulsHunt now claims that a native PS5 remaster is indeed happening and it will launch this year with a PC port arriving later on.

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According to the leaker, who also proved to be quite accurate about the recently-confirmed “Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin”, the PS5 remaster of Bloodborne isn’t being developed FromSoftware nor BluePoint Games. The PS5 version, however, will be quite “ambitious” with it bringing more than 4K/60FPS on Sony’s next-gen console.

Further details weren’t shared by the leaker, but he did say that a sequel to the original game, Bloodborne 2, probably won't be happening as FromSoftware is focusing on new IPs instead.

Of course, as with all rumors, please take the ‘information’ above with a fair pinch of salt for now. Not only because Sony hasn’t officially confirmed a PS5 version of the 2015 PlayStation 4 title, but also because rumors like these appear to be popping like mushrooms after a rain.

As always, we will keep you updated in case we learn more about a proper Bloodborne PS5 version alongside a PC port.

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