Bloodborne PC Underwent Big Playtest Round Last Month; May Not Support Framerates Above 60FPS – Rumor


The rumored PC version of Bloodborne has supposedly undergone a big round of playtesting last month.

PC Gaming Inquisition, who talked about the port of the PlayStation 4 exclusive game back in June together with other insiders, recently revealed that this round of playtesting addressed most of the issues that were found in the port.

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1. There was another big playtest round of PC port in July to address issues that were found during previous QA tests.

2. All found critical bugs were fixed, online functionality is fully operational, the work on the port is almost finished.

PC Gaming Inquisition also revealed that Bloodborne on PC will likely not support framerates higher than 60FPS, as anything above this is apparently causing issues.

3. Don't expect miracles with the framerate, anything above 60 FPS still causing a lot of issues and game will probably be capped at 60 FPS even on PC (though I'm sure modders will figure out how to remove it).

Speaking about the game's release window, PC Gaming Inquisition claims that the Bloodborne PC port, and the PlayStation 5 version, should release in the next-gen console's launch window. Work is apparently done, so the announcement should not take too long.

4. Sony wants to push Bloodborne remaster in PS5 launch window line-up, but stuff can still be moved to a later date. Regardless, I personally doubt it won't release in 2020 and it shouldn't take too long for the official reveal since the work on the remaster is more or less done.

PC Gaming Inquisition also provided some information on his sources.

This info about Bloodborne remaster is what I've been told by other people that in the past provided me with info about other unannounced games that were officially confirmed later, so I highly doubt that this time I've been lied to. And considering that the same sources told me a few weeks ago to not expect to see Elden Ring on a recent Xbox event and this is ended up being confirmed as well, I'm still going to believe them regarding BB PC stuff.

While PC Gaming Inquisition doesn't have a proper track record regarding rumors, they did correctly reveal the Demon's Souls Remake before its official announcement. It could have been an educated guess, however, so take all that he has revealed with a huge grain of salt until Bloodborne is finally confirmed for PC.

Bloodborne is now available on PlayStation 4 worldwide.

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