New Version of Awesome Artifacts Skyrim PC Mod Overhauls your Unique Items

Awesome Artifacts The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim PC Mod

A new version of the Awesome Artifacts Skyrim PC Mod has been released which offers several item changes.

The mod, created by ‘Argonil’, requires the Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch (USKP/USLEEP), and includes fixes and tweaks from the Weapons & Armor Fixes Remade mod.

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According to ‘Argonil’, the mod aims to This mod aims to overhaul unique items while staying true to the original theme and be immersive. We’ve included the change log for the mod’s latest version, version 1.3.6, down below:

Version 1.3.6

  • Entirely removed the black outline effect on Ebony Mail's shadow cloak because of how it looked on hair and how it bugged with other shaders.
  • The shadow cloak now does 8 DPS to Health and 2 DPS to Stamina.
  • Targe of the Blooded bash now does 5 bleeding damage on impact and 20 points over 5 seconds, while reducing the target's Health regeneration by 100%.


“This mod is the fine cheese for your Skyrim burger”, he writes. “It's the result of years of tinkering with Skyrim's lackluster unique items to do them justice. Yes, I'm saying it's another unique items overhaul. Mostly anyway. The mods I found for the bland unique items were always poorly made or too boring or far too overpowered, so I took it into my own hands and ended up here. Awesome Artifacts aims to be lightweight and of high quality, to have effects that are unique and fun, to stay true to the original theme and be immersive, and finally, to keep things balanced enough to make things interesting.”

The mod can be downloaded through Nexusmods here.

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