Apple Silicon iMac to Feature M1-Based 12-Core SoC With 16 GPU Cores; Rumored to Arrive in Two New Display Sizes

Apple Silicon iMac to Feature M1-Based 12-Core SoC With 16 GPU Cores; Rumored to Arrive in Two New Display Sizes

The Apple Silicon iMac production appears to be coming along quite nicely, according to a tipster. Apparently, the two new models with different screen sizes are rumored to be ready within a month or two, but the most exciting part about this update is that these machines will apparently feature an M1-based 12-core SoC. Here are more details you have wanted to know.

Tipster Claims Apple Silicon iMac Could Also Feature a Redesigned Cooling System

According to LeaksApplePro, the two Apple Silicon iMac models’ varied display sizes and designated code numbers are provided below.

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This will be the first time Apple will increase the display sizes of its iMacs. Previously, the company offered customers a 21.5-inch and 27-inch iMac family, but with the reduction of bezels, Apple could use a bigger display in the same footprint. The tipster also states that the cooling system has been redesigned but has not mentioned if the new Apple Silicon iMac models will become thicker or thinner in the process. We guess that thanks to the use of custom ARM-based silicon, the upcoming machines will be much sleeker.

Previous reports have mentioned that the Apple Silicon iMac will either use the M2 chipset or an A14T SoC using TSMC’s 5nm technology. However, the tipster states that the new SoC will be based on the M1 and feature a total of 12 cores, eight of which will be focused on performance, running at a clock speed of 3.20GHz. The Cupertino tech giant has secured initial 4nm chip supplies from the Taiwanese partner, but it does not look like this advanced node will be for the upcoming SoC. Also, the new silicon may sport 16 GPU cores, twice the number found in the M1.

These specs are identical to the M1X leak we reported about before, but we are unsure if it is the same chipset. It looks like we will find out soon enough. Additionally, the Magic Keyboard and Magic Mouse could get a redesign, with the mouse touting improved ergonomics, as well as having a different position for the charging port, so it does not become an inconvenience for the user like the current-generation model. A new Magic Trackpad also appears to be in the works, but no extra details were provided.

Lastly, LeaksApplePro claims that the new Apple Silicon iMac models will be available in the colors Silver, Space Gray, Green, Sky Blue, and Rose Gold. This is the same information that a different tipster called Jon Prosser talked about previously. Sure enough, this update has got us more excited than ever, but remember to treat it with a pinch of salt for now, and we will be back with more updates down the road.

News Source: LeaksApplePro

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