Apple’s 5nm M1 Chip Is the First for ARM-Based Macs – Boasts 2x More Performance Than Latest Laptop CPU, Uses One-Fourth the Power

Apple’s 5nm M1 Chip Is the First for ARM-Based Macs - Boasts 2x More Performance Than Latest Laptop CPU, Use One-Third the Power

The first Apple Silicon has been announced, and it will eventually be found in the company’s ARM-based lineup of Macs. That is correct, the new custom silicon is called the M1, and it boasts an incredible amount of innovation in terms of both performance and efficiency. Here’s a quick look at all the details and the specifications to see how far Apple has come in its chip division.

New 8-Core CPU Includes Four of the Fastest High-Performance Cores in the World, With a Total of 16 Billion Transistors

During Apple’s presentation, the company stated that the M1 features an 8-core CPU and an 8-core GPU. It mentions that the primary focus is efficiency, and it uses a ‘Unified Memory Architecture’. This means that the RAM, CPU, and GPU are shared, allowing for reduced power consumption. The four performance cores are the fastest-performing cores ever while also offering the best CPU performance-per-watt. That’s some impressive stuff right there.

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As mentioned previously, an 8-core GPU is part of the M1 too, and though it won't use all the cores all the time, it can run them all simultaneously when needed. In fact, according to Apple’s slides, it can deliver twice the performance compared to a laptop computer while consuming one-third of the power. The company also boasts that the M1 touts the world’s ‘fastest integrated graphics. When it comes to the CPU performance, Apple claims that the M1’s eight cores consume one-fourth of the power compared to notebook computers, translating into better overall battery life.


Also, the M1 sports a 16-core neural engine with a Secure Enclave for isolating security info. This will make machines running the M1 more secure. Apple also mentions that there’s Thunderbolt support via the USB 4 protocol, so we’ll have to see exactly how much throughput we can get just a single port. Of course, a lot is going on at Apple’s ‘One More Thing’ event, and we’ll be providing all the coverage during the event so keep following us for the latest updates.

What do you think of Apple’s first-ever 5nm silicon for its Mac lineup? Tell us down in the comments.

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