Apple Starts Pulling iPhone 13 Components From Different Suppliers, in Preparation of Upcoming Launch Event

Apple Starts Pulling iPhone 13 Components From Different Suppliers, in Preparation of Upcoming Launch Event

Apple is not expected to witness the same mishaps that saw the iPhone 12 launch get delayed by a whole month. In preparation for the iPhone 13 unveiling, the technology behemoth has started ordering component shipments from various suppliers to prevent another potential delay.

Last Year, Apple Could Do Little Due to the Pandemic, but This Year, Things Are Looking Vastly Different

The components needed to complete a single iPhone 13 model have started being pulled by Apple, according to a new DigiTimes report. With multiple partners placed in various regions such as China, Vietnam, the United States, and others, Apple has a firm grip on its supply chain, which is necessary as it enables the California-based firm to launch products without witnessing a significant delay.

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Unfortunately, that was not the case last year, and it was due to the global health crises which prevented Apple’s supply chain from resuming factory operations. TSMC, Apple’s only supplier for custom silicon, started mass production of the A15 Bionic SoC last month, with the Taiwanese manufacturer even going far as to prioritize Apple for chip orders over its other clientele.

With the company well-prepared for the iPhone 13 launch, a previous report mentions that the event is expected to occur during the third week of September. This will give Apple a head start in opening up pre-orders for millions of customers around the world. We believe that due to the company’s strict schedule of unveiling the new iPhone 13 members earlier, coupled with Ming-Chi Kuo’s predictions, Apple could ship up to 240 million iPhone units in 2021, which is impressive for just vendor that only unveils a few devices each year.

Only recently, the analyst believes that the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max will ship with autofocus support for the ultra wide camera, resulting in sharper image quality. As Apple preps for the imminent launch of four new models, our readers would do well to check out our detailed rumor roundup here, as it provides nearly everything there is to know about the upcoming iPhone 13 series.

News Source: DigiTimes

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