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Apple Kicks off WWDC 2019 – Here Are Some Quick Live Updates from the Event

Jun 3, 2019

WWDC 2019 is now live and developers have taken over the show-floor. Let’s see what Apple is going to announce in its opening keynote.

Today’s the big day Apple is going to announce iOS 13, macOS 10.15, tvOS 13 and watchOS 6. We will cover the event live as it unfolds so stay tuned!

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  • Hi there everyone! WWDC 2019 has just kicked off with a funky animated video.
  • Pretty obvious that Apple is obsessed with Animoji. Not that we mind or anything.
  • And oh, it seems as though iOS for iPad will be called iPadOS.
  • One video down, another one just started.
  • Apple loves video, no doubt.
  • “Build Failed.” Every developer’s nightmare.
  • The video’s still rolling in case you are wondering.
  • Man, it’s hard work being a developer. Hats off to all of you guys out there.
  • Tim Cook is on stage!
  • “More first-time attendees than ever.”
  • Tim is going through some recent announcements – News+, Apple Arcade, Apple Card and Apple TV+.
  • New TV+ show getting a sneak peek.
  • It’s a show about the space race. And guess who went to the moon first in this show? Russia.
  • This show is packed with some weird twists. This is so good.
  • Show is called ‘For All Mankind,’ by the way.
  • TV+ will be available this fall.
  • First of all: tvOS.
  • Brand new home-screen! Wow!
  • Multi-user support is coming to tvOS. This is mind-blowing!
  • Lyrics that are in-sync with the music on Apple Music.
  • tvOS gets support for Xbox and PS4 controllers.
  • New underwater screensavers for Apple TV. Shot in 4K HDR.
  • Next up: Apple Watch – watchOS.
  • Honestly, the tvOS announcement was a quick one.
  • watchOS 6 has a ton of new watch faces. Makes us cry.
  • watchOS 6 looks pretty nice. The watch faces are fantastic!
  • Audiobooks and Voice Memos are part of watchOS 6.
  • Even the Calculator! FINALLY!
  • Developers can now make independent Apple Watch apps that do not need an iPhone companion. This is huge.
  • Brand new Streaming API.
  • App Store for Apple Watch is also available in watchOS 6.
  • Obviously new health and fitness features, otherwise it wouldn’t be an Apple Watch.
  • watchOS 6 features ‘Activity Trends,’ comparing your progress to what you’ve done in the past.
  • Brand new Noise app for hearing health and Cycle tracking for women.
  • Cycle tracking is available in iOS if you don’t have an Apple Watch.
  • The new Health app goes above and beyond and shows you a summary of everything in one place on iPhone.
  • Demo time.
  • You can learn more about tvOS 13 by going here.
  • New Watch bands announced.
  • iOS 13! What you’ve been waiting for.
  • iOS has 97% customer satisfaction rating. 85% users are running iOS 12.
  • Of course, a shade at Android for its slow adoption.
  • Craig is on stage now.
  • Unlocking with Face ID 30% faster!
  • App downloads 50% smaller, updates 60% smaller.
  • App launch speed is twice as fast.
  • Whoa! Dark mode looks insane.
  • Brand new swipe keyboard. Welcome to 2012.
  • The new UI has been refreshed in a lot of corners. Dark mode looks pretty serious to us.
  • Safari has new options – adjusting text sizes and whatnot.
  • Mail has been improved with desktop-class font styling and more.
  • Reminders has been spruced up too.
  • I think we’re finally looking at the best ever Reminders app.
  • Even Maps gets an update.
  • The Maps upgrade is massive. Lots and lots of details. Coming by the end of 2019. Select other countries next year.
  • Is this really Apple Maps? We’re confused. It’s just too good to be Apple Maps.
  • Street view looks awesome and smooth.
  • Apple is doubling down on privacy again.
  • Apps won’t be able to track you using WiFi or Bluetooth. This is huge!
  • New ‘Sign in with Apple’ so that no one can track you using. Simple sign-on without the tracking features.
  • You can completely hide your email from developers. Insane privacy.
  • HomeKit Secure Video – upload your security camera footage, encrypted, straight to your iCloud Drive.
  • HomeKit-enabled home routers for even more privacy. Wat.
  • Messages now shares your name and photos, so no more silhouettes in your Messages app. This is entirely optional though.
  • Read all about watchOS 6 by going here.
  • Memoji Stickers. Because the regular ones aren’t enough.
  • Camera and Photos update!
  • Portrait Mode is dialed to 11. You can actually adjust the lighting intensity in Portrait Mode. Not bad at all.
  • Brand new photos editor with nicer controls.
  • Same controls coming to video as well.
  • You can now rotate video in the editor.
  • Apple is going to remove duplicates from your photo library using Machine Learning. This is huge.
  • You can zoom into thumbnails in the Photos app.
  • I just turned into a huge fan of the Photos app.
  • The moment you receive a message, Siri will read your messages if you’re wearing your AirPods.
  • You can now share audio with another iPhone user. Welp!
  • HomePod getting Handoff.
  • Just bring your iPhone close to your HomePod and everything will be handed off to the smart speaker. Walk away and everything will be back to your iPhone. This includes music, phone calls, more.
  • HomePod now recognizes whose talking in your family, delivering results based on that.
  • CarPlay has been updated with a brand new dashboard at the home screen.
  • CarPlay looks insanely clean now.
  • Siri now works with third-party apps.
  • Siri now sounds even more natural. A completely software generated voice using Neural Text to Speech.
  • Apple is now turning its attention towards iPad.
  • Oh my lord! iPadOS!!!
  • ‘Introducing iPadOS.’
  • You can pin widgets right on the home screen.
  • Multitasking is gaining some muscle too.
  • You can open multiple instances of the same app. For example, two notes on the same screen.
  • Works with third-party and first-party apps both.
  • Files app on iPadOS now has column view.
  • You can now plug in a thumb drive and it will show up in the Files app!
  • Desktop class browsing is coming to Safari for iPad. This is a huge deal, especially for those who want to replace their laptop with iPad.
  • Grab the scroll indicator and whiz through a document instantly.
  • Selecting text has been simplified too.
  • Apple Pencil latency is now 9ms. Previously it was 20ms.
  • That wraps up iOS 13 and iPadOS.
  • Next up: the Mac.
  • New Mac Pro and Display! OH MY LORD!
  • “Fastest Mac ever.”
  • Stainless steal frame.
  • Completely modular design.
  • You can read all about iPadOS here.
  • New Mac Pro can have up to a 28-core Intel Xeon processor. 1.5TB of system memory (RAM). This is insane.
  • This Mac Pro has two 10Gb ethernet ports.
  • Powerful graphics. Vega II graphics with 32GB HBM2 memory. You can use two of these in one Mac Pro.
  • I give up. The Mac Pro is overkill. That’s all.
  • Every Mac Pro comes with a 1.4kW power supply.
  • This is a very powerful cheese grater.
  • Lots of support from different developers.
  • Demo time!
  • Apple is at a point where it’s just showing off now.
  • The new Apple display is 6K. HDR, anti-reflective coating, pretty much everything you’d want in a display.
  • It looks like Apple’s HDR technique might put everything else to shame.
  • 1000 nits of brightness. 1600 nits peak.
  • 1,000,000:1 contrast ration. Yes, one million to one.
  • This display is not HDR. It’s XDR – Extreme Dynamic Range. It’s basically called ‘Pro Display XDR.’
  • You can rotate the display for portrait mode.
  • World’s best pro display. That’s a massive claim.
  • Starts from $5999, shipping this fall.
  • The new Pro Display XDR starts at $4999.
  • Next up: macOS.
  • Name: macOS Catalina.
  • And oh, you can read about iOS 13 by going here.
  • iTunes is definitely biting the dust today.
  • Even Apple is making fun of iTunes.
  • Apple Music, Apple Podcasts and Apple TV. Three new apps.
  • Oh wow, the iPhone and iPad now syncs straight from the Finder.
  • Catalina lets you use your iPad as a secondary display for your Mac.
  • Apple getting serious about the Mac all of a sudden is a very big surprise.
  • Voice Control is going to be a game-changing accessibility feature. This is just huge. You can control everything on your Mac or iOS device, and everything happens locally.
  • Brand new Find My app for finding… stuff.
  • It can actually find your device that is offline using Bluetooth. It’s completely encrypted and absolutely safe.
  • Activation Lock has been enhanced. Makes the Mac absolutely useless if stolen and locked remotely.
  • Screen Time is now on the Mac.
  • One code that works across all devices. Internally called Project Catalyst.
  • Basically, apps like Twitter for iPhone and iPad are coming to the Mac.
  • Craig now talking about ARKit and Swift. It’s pretty much a wrap for the consumers. It’s all developer-only from here on in.

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