Apple is Planning to Release the First Beta of iOS 13.4.1 Soon

iOS 13.4.1

Apple has released iOS 13.4 to the general public not so long ago. It was a major update pertaining to the number of features and forward-facing additions it brings to the table. Now, according to the website The Verifier, Apple plans to release the first beta of iOS 13.4.1 in the coming days.

Apple Might Release iOS 13.4.1 in the Coming Days

Apart from the release of iOS 13.4.1, the report also suggests that the company will not release iOS 13.5. This is not too surprising since Apple has never released a point-five version of iOS like iOS 12.5 in the past. It is expected that Apple will release three more updates focusing on bug fixes. This means that iOS 13.4 will potentially max out at iOS 13.4.4.

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The Verifier has shared numerous rumors in the past few weeks which includes the Apple Watch gaining support for fingerprint authentication, Kids Mode for tvOS and more. In the past, the website shared accurate rumors like Group FaceTime and the expansion of the Control Center to the Mac. Nonetheless, we will share more details on iOS 13.4.1.

Other than this, do keep in mind that due to the ongoing pandemic, Apple's release time frames of its firmware builds might change. As we have mentioned earlier iOS 13.4.1 might be released in the coming days if the latest report is anything to go by.

iOS 13.4 was released earlier this month which brought a handful of forward-facing features to the table. Some of them include iCloud Drive Folder, changes in Siri, Apple Mail updates, Universal app support and much more. We will share more insights on iOS 13.4.1 as soon as we hear it. We have also seen a boatload of iOS 14 leaks, read it out below.

There will be more to iOS 13.4.1, so be sure to stick around for more. Also, let us know your thoughts on the comments.

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