Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak Thinks There Is No Difference Between the iPhone 13 and Previous Models

Omar Sohail
Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak Thinks There Is No Difference Between the iPhone 13 and Previous Models

Judging by Apple’s co-founder, Steve Wozniak’s latest comments, it does not look like he will be upgrading to any iPhone 13 model, believing that there is virtually no difference between the newest lineup and the ones released before.

Wozniak Says That He Will Hang Onto His iPhone 8 for the Time Being

After getting the new iPhone 13, Wozniak said the following about the latest handset.

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“I got the new iPhone; I can’t tell the difference really. The software that’s in it applies to older iPhones, I presume. I worry about largeness and size ... but I don’t study it. I’m just into if products are good.”

In many ways, the iPhone 13 series is indistinguishable from the iPhone 12, and you will have to look very carefully to notice that Apple added a smaller notch to the four new models while also making them thicker and heavier than the ones released last year. It is likely that he returned his latest iPhone 13 to an Apple store outlet, as he says that he is happy with his iPhone 8, stating that it looks the same as an iPhone 7 and iPhone 6.

“I’d rather wait and watch that one. I’m happy with my iPhone 8 — which is the same as the iPhone 7, which is the same as the iPhone 6, to me.”

Back in 2017, Wozniak might not have been too taken with the iPhone X, as he told reporters that he would not be purchasing the flagship on the first day of its release. He did, however, praise the Apple Watch, calling it his favorite piece of technology, so his impression about the company is not all that bad. He also mentions that he wants to see a foldable iPhone, but given the state of this smartphone type, it looks like his dream may not come true for a while.

If Wozniak thinks there is no difference between the iPhone 13 and the latest models, perhaps he will get excited about the iPhone 14 series. After all, the top-tier model, the iPhone 14 Pro Max, is rumored to get a redesign, sport a punch-hole front-facing camera, Titanium chassis, and massive camera upgrades. Hopefully, he is not too disappointed with what is announced in 2022.

News Source: Yahoo News

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