iPhone 14 Pro is Built Like a Tank, Reveals New Drop Test Against iPhone 13

Ali Salman
iPhone 14 Pro Drop Test

Apple recently released the new iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro models with numerous upgrades and changes. Take note that most changes are centered towards the 'Pro' models which come with better camera hardware, Always-On display, and much more. However, Apple removed the physical SIM card tray in the United States. Now, we are seeing how the devices stack up against older iPhone models regarding durability. A YouTuber has tested the durability of the iPhone 14 Pro against last year's iPhone 13 in a new drop test that shows surprising results.

iPhone 14 Pro Survives Spiral Staircase Drop Test Against iPhone 13 - Video

The iPhone 14 Pro drop test has been conducted by TechRax against the older iPhone 13. The test aims to show how strong Apple's new devices are and if they can handle massive drops. Both iPhone models were dropped from a spiral staircase with metal railings. Since the test is casual, the number of hits varies from device to device.

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iPhone 14 Pro Drop Test

Upon inspection, the iPhone 13's back glass completely shatters but the front of the device remains in one piece. The iPhone 14 Pro, on the other hand, survives the hits and the glass was unscathed. You can see in the video embedded below that the device features only minor scratches on the edges. The iPhone 14 Pro survives the first round of the drop test.

In the second round, the iPhone 13 seems to have taken the most damage. As you can see, the back of the iPhone 13 is completely broken with chunks of glass falling out of place. On the flip side, the iPhone 14 Pro did not take major damage at all. The test is really interesting and shows how strong the built quality is on the iPhone 14 Pro.

This is all for the iPhone 14 Pro drop test against iPhone 13. The test shows how Apple has improved the built quality of the new iPhone 14 series when compared to last year's models. We will share more details on the subject as soon as further information is available.

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