All iPhone 13 Models Are Thicker, Heavier Than Their Direct iPhone 12 Predecessors

Omar Sohail
All iPhone 13 Models Are Thicker, Heavier Than Their Direct iPhone 12 Predecessors

During the iPhone 13 presentation, one little detail that Apple left out was that all four models are not just thicker than their direct iPhone 12 predecessors but also heavier. Fortunately, there is a reason why this change was introduced, and it will likely not break the buyer’s decision.

Increase in Weight and Thickness Is Likely Due to the Increase in Battery Capacity

Given below is a weight comparison of the latest iPhone 13 models against their direct predecessors.

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  • iPhone 13 mini (141 grams) vs. iPhone 12 mini (135 grams)
  • iPhone 13 (174 grams) vs. iPhone 12 (164 grams)
  • iPhone 13 Pro (204 grams) vs. iPhone 12 Pro (189 grams)
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max (240 grams) vs. iPhone 12 Pro Max (228 grams)

As for thickness, all iPhone 13 models measure 7.65mm, up from 7.4mm for the iPhone 12 series. These increases are likely caused by the increase in battery capacities, but at the same time, Apple is able to incorporate more upgrades this time around. For instance, the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max feature 120Hz refresh rate support, coupled with 5G connectivity, and that could only have been possible with the inclusion of a bigger battery.

Last year’s iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max had the supported hardware for a 120Hz display, but Apple omitted the feature as both handsets touted a smaller battery, which would have drained fast with just 5G enabled. As for the height and width of the new iPhone 13 models, these remain the same. Unfortunately, a small change in the design and other dimensions still means that iPhone 12 cases will not be compatible with newer models, so that is something to keep in mind.

If you are interested in picking up any iPhone 13 model, they will be available to pre-order this Friday and will officially launch on September 24.

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