iPhone 5s iOS 7 Touch ID Jailbreak Tweak – Lock Apps and Settings with Fingerprint Scanner

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Touch ID based iPhone 5s iOS 7 tweak:

iphone 5s ios 7 tweak

Available for $1.99, you can get this Touch ID based iPhone 5s iOS 7 jailbreak tweak from Cydia. Ryan Petrich has developed this iOS 7 jailbreak tweak named BioLockdown. BioLockdown iPhone 5s iOS 7 tweak offers more features than being offered by any other jailbreak tweak based on Touch ID sensor like BioProtect.

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BioLockdown lets you lock apps, system toggles, and Setting panes with fingerprint scanner. On the other hand, BioProtect iOS 7 jailbreak tweak only lock apps, whereas AppLocker locks both apps and folders, but not Settings.

Install the iOS 7 tweak from Cydia and go to Settings app. Navigate to BioLockdown > New Restriction; add and tweak with apps, settings and switches you want to be protected with Touch ID sensor. All of these are separated in different tabs. Go to Settings BioLockdown New Restriction and add grace period. This will help you not get Touch ID prompts for the determined period.iphone 5s ios 7 tweak

While BioLockdown for iPhone 5s offers various features, AppLocker would definitely win over it any day considering many more options and also saving you bucks too.

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