A14X Bionic Core Count, Clock Speeds, Performance Stats Leak out – Easily Outperforms a Core i9 16-inch MacBook Pro

Omar Sohail
A14X Bionic Core Count, Clock Speeds, Performance Stats Leak out - Outperforms a Core i9 16-inch MacBook Pro

Just before the Apple Silicon Mac event, which is expected to be held on November 10, performance numbers of the A14X Bionic have leaked out. It’s rumored that a variation of this silicon will be found in the new 13-inch MacBook Air, which is said to be one of the models getting announced at the upcoming event. The initial scores not just show that the A14X Bionic comfortably outperforms a Core i9-fueled 16-inch MacBook Pro, but we also get to know more about the chipset when it comes to the total number of cores and clock speeds. Here are all the details you should know.

The A14X Bionic Can Clock as High as 3.10GHz, Making It the First A-Series Chip to Cross the 3.00GHz Frequency Barrier

An unnamed device was allegedly benchmarked with the A14X Bionic. At this point, it could be an engineering sample of the upcoming 12.9-inch iPad Pro with a mini-LED screen since that’s the only model we know of that will eventually feature this custom silicon. According to the details spotted by AppleInsider, the A14X Bionic is an 8-core part, with the alleged benchmarked hardware sporting 8GB of RAM. The upcoming SoC has a base clock of 1.80GHz, and it’s capable of boosting up to 3.10GHz when needed.

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This frequency is the highest we’ve seen from an A-series chip, meaning that whatever its running inside is going to be an absolute beast of a machine. Now coming to the scores, as we’ve mentioned above, the A14X Bionic was taken through its paces via Geekbench 5, where it outpaces the 16-inch MacBook Pro featuring a Core i9 8-core Intel processor. For comparison purposes, we’ve included the single-core and multi-core results below.

Unnamed device (A14X Bionic)

  • Single-core score- 1634
  • Multi-core score- 7220

16-inch MacBook Pro

  • Single-core score- 1096
  • Multi-core score- 6869

iPad Air 4 (A14 Bionic)

  • Single-core score- 1583
  • Multi-core score- 4198

These results show that the A14X Bionic has a comfortable lead against both Intel’s Core i9 CPU and the 5nm A14 Bionic. Unfortunately, since the test was allegedly carried out on an unnamed device, there’s no way to know if these results are authentic or not. Like always, we’ll advise our readers to treat these numbers with a pinch of salt and we’ll be back with more updates, possibly after the November 10 event has successfully concluded, so stay tuned.

News Source: AppleInsider

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