3,500 Pounds of Force and One Poor iPhone 6s – Get the Idea?


Some of us actually believe that fireworks on new year's eve are kind of overrated and overblown. How to say farewell to 2015 then and welcome the new year with something other than those flashy lights in crowded public spaces? YouTuber TechRax has another plan in mind - destruct iPhone 6s with 3,500 pounds of pressure. I mean seeing something getting destructed is not our way of welcoming the new year, but well, anything that saves us from those mainstream fireworks?

iphone 6s crushgate

iPhone 6s crushing and smoking to pieces:

If Bendgate wasn't too much to handle, we are now seeing people trying to destruct their iPhone 6s smartphones. Apple created stronger smartphones this year following last year's Bendgate that surrounded both its iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Reports say that it costed Apple more per unit to introduce the strength to the form factor of iPhone 6s duo but then it has been well worth it so far with no reports of accidental damage to the form. But, no matter how strong a smartphone may be, it cannot possibly take 3,500 pounds of pressure. Need a proof?

Here is the video that TechRax has posted on his YouTube channel completely crushing the beautiful iPhone 6s or obliterating it, as he puts it.

While there was no fire, there definitely was smoke. Not purely organic though. TechRax has previously managed to crush a $10,000 Apple Watch Edition (is he for real!) and has posted some other similar iPhone destruction videos. While it may be fun (or upsetting?) to watch a smartphone getting crushed into pieces, let's please not repeat this at home and keep our destructive instincts to watching these videos. Happy new year to all you folks too!

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