iPhone 7 Rumored to be Waterproof with “Antenna Concealing” Design

Rafia Shaikh

New reports coming from Taiwan suggest that Catcher Technology will supply chassis components for the upcoming iPhone 7, helping Apple make them waterproof while concealing their antennas too.

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iPhone 7 to be waterproof and with hidden antennas:

iPhone 7 is several months away, but that doesn't mean we aren't seeing new rumors and speculations coming our way. According to a report from the Commercial Times, Taiwan-based Catcher Technology will help supply 30 to 35 percent of chassis shipments for the new iPhones. Making it Apple's largest chassis partner, the frame it will design is rumored to be waterproof. The same report claims that Catcher will be implementing new ways that will help conceal the device's antenna, using "compound materials" indicating that Apple might be considering to integrate the antennas into the chassis itself.

Market watchers remain optimistic about Taiwan-based Catcher Technology's operation in 2016 as the metal chassis maker will continue to be supported by its non-Apple clients, and will also remain as the largest chassis supplier for Apple's upcoming new iPhone products.

The upcoming new iPhone products are rumored to be water-proof and use new compound materials to hide the antenna, the paper said, adding Catcher's supply is expected to account for 30-35% of the new iPhone's shipments. - DigiTimes.

While earlier reports had claimed that Apple is considering to use non-metal chassis for the iPhone 7 to reduce costs, this is possibly the first time rumors have suggested changes to the antenna implementation in the next-gen Apple smartphone. Apple used 7000-series aluminum for the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus mainly due to the complaints surrounding iPhone 6 bending issues. A waterproof design has long been rumored for the iPhones and Apple did introduce more water resistance capabilities in the current iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, as compared to their predecessors using an added gasket and silicone seals. The current rumor suggests that Apple is considering a complete waterproof design which would arguably require a complete design change.

A waterproof design has long been in the rumors, but what do you think about this new "antenna concealing" technology? While it's too early to believe any of these rumors, it's always interesting to see what, if any, design changes are expected to be part of the upcoming flagship devices.


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