This Stunning 2021 MacBook Air Concept Takes Inspiration From Apple’s New iMac in Both Design and Finish; It Also Features MagSafe


Despite getting treated to Apple’s M1, the MacBook Air still ships in that premium, but old design, along with a trifecta of bland colors. What we are looking for is something refreshing, and this 2021 MacBook Air concept has exactly the right idea, so take a look.

The Blue Finish of the 2021 MacBook Air Concept Is Exactly the Kind of Launch Apple Should Proceed With

This concept was brilliantly made by Ian Zelbo, who also made tremendous efforts to bring forth a matte black finish of the iPhone 13 Pro series. This time, though, the 2021 MacBook Air is a dream product for those that wanted a new color, alongside a slight change in the design. For instance, there are reduced white bezels, and it will be hard to miss that MagSafe connector, which to remind you, has not been present ever since the 2016 MacBook Pro series.

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The white keyboard layout goes nicely with the blue finish, reminding us of the new 24-inch iMac, which is available in the same color. However, the trackpad looks noticeably smaller than the one present on the M1 MacBook Air, so either we could be wrong, or it was an oversight on Zelbo’s side. Regardless, in our opinion, there is nothing else wrong with this 2021 MacBook Air concept, with the speaker arrangement and USB-C ports being in the same location as the current-generation model.

We also believe that the next MacBook Air will feature Apple’s latest and greatest M1X or M2 chipset, so if you want to learn more about it, check out our in-depth roundup, where we have discussed a multitude of topics, including specifications. Do you appreciate this 2021 MacBook Air concept? If yes, then share your thoughts down in the comments and show some love for Ian Zelbo too.

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News Source: Ian Zelbo