Apple’s First iMac Featuring the Company’s ARM-Based Chip Rumored to Arrive in Q1, 2021


Apple’s redesigned iMac was supposed to be previewed at the 2020 WWDC keynote, but plans were scrapped at the 11th hour. Fortunately, the company did announce the transition to its own custom ARM-based chips, with each Mac product expected to feature this silicon in the near future. Unfortunately, if you were looking to see the first iMac get treated to a custom chip in 2020, one individual claims that you’ll be fresh out of luck this year.

New ARM-Based 2021 iMac Might Also Provide Support for Face ID

One Twitter user called Kindred believes that the redesigned 2021 iMac that will also feature Apple’s custom silicon will arrive during Q1 next year, though he mentions that he’s ‘75% sure’ about this claims. Regardless, if someone is more than 50 percent confident about some product release, then we might as well talk about it here, but we’d still advise you to treat this information with a pinch of salt for now.

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It’s possible that the 2020 iMac is an ‘all Intel’ family, with a previous report stating that a 21.5-inch and mid-tier 27-inch version will likely arrive on August 18. If users want to see the fully-decked-out version of the 27-inch Intel-based 2020 iMac, then they’ll have to wait until September 30. The unchanged display sizes compared to previous models hint that Apple isn’t going to be introducing a redesign.

According to a previous report, the first ARM-based iMac may feature a 24-inch display and sport slimmer bezels, while leaked code in macOS Big Sur beta 3 provides additional info, suggesting that the new products might get Face ID support. Earlier information surrounding the redesigned iMac was that the exterior would be inspired by the latest-generation iPad Pro, hinting at flatter edges and a boxier design.

While we have to wait for this 2021 iMac to arrive next year, perhaps you could obtain a better idea of how the machine looks by checking out this unique and beautiful iMac concept that takes inspiration from Apple’s Pro Display XDR.

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News Source: Twitter (Kindred)