2020 iMac Redesign Expected at WWDC – New Changes Included Pro Display XDR-Like Bezels, With Exterior Similar to iPad Pro

2020 iMac Redesign Expected an WWDC

Shortly after it was reported that Apple would announce its transition from Intel to its own chips at this year’s WWDC keynote, we’ve also received word that the 2020 iMac will receive a redesign. To be honest, this was long overdue, and we’re excited to let you in on all the details because you’re probably going to want to hear what Apple has reportedly planned for its upcoming ‘all in one’.

Apple Is Also Reportedly Getting Rid of the Fusion Drive, Possibly Replacing It With Much Faster PCIe NVMe SSDs

According to Sonny Dickson in his latest tweet, the 2020 iMac will get a redesign similar to the new iPad Pro. In fact, the iPhone 12 lineup is also expected to be designed similarly, with changes such as flatter edges and perhaps a more premium finish in tow. The last time there were any changes made to Apple’s iMac family, those machines retained the same outer shell, but a specifications bump was added.

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Other changes arriving to the 2020 iMac is the end of the slow Fusion Drive, with Apple possibly replacing it with much faster NVMe SSDs, along with a T2 security chip and an AMD Navi GPU. While this is refreshing to hear, it isn’t the first time that Apple is rumored to introduce an iMac redesign.

Previously, the company was reported to introduce a more affordable 23-inch iMac. We’re not sure if this is the same one Sonny is referring to in his tweet, but if he isn’t, then it means there could be a larger iMac in tow with a bigger display and beefier internal specifications.

Whatever Apple is planning, whether it’s the 2020 iMac or the transition from Intel chips to its silicon, we’ll find out on June 22, as that’s when the WWDC online keynote will kick off. While you wait, you can also take a look at this unique and beautiful iMac concept that takes inspiration from Apple’s Pro Display XDR.

Image credits: Viktor Kádár and Patrik Borgatai

News Source: Twitter (Sonny Dickson)

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