Microsoft’s Big First-Party Xbox Series X Reveal Event to Take Place in the Week of July 20 – Rumor


Microsoft’s big first-party Xbox Series X reveal event is rumored to take place in the week of July 20, according to VentureBeat’s Jeff Grubb.

Over the past few months, the journalist has been sharing a fair share of inside information as part of his own “Jeff Grubb’s Summer Game Mess" and the latest addition to his summer schedule is Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox Game Studios blowout, during which Microsoft will be focusing on first-party titles for its next-gen console, the Xbox Series X.

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Microsoft already confirmed that it’s planning a showcase for its first-party studios, but the exact date has yet to be revealed. If Grubb is to be believed, however, this showcase will take place somewhere in the week of July 20.

Grubb’s ‘schedule’ appears to be backed up by reputable Verge journalist Tom Warren, who tweeted that Microsoft will have a busy week in the week of July 20th.

Back in May of this year, Microsoft announced that its planning monthly Xbox updates called “Xbox 20/20. As such, there’s a possibility that this month’s Xbox Series X reveal event is taking place on July 20. This, however, is speculation on our part at this point.

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“Starting with the May 7 episode of Inside Xbox, we will be showcasing what happens next in the world of Xbox, every month, which is why we’re calling it “Xbox 20/20.”, Microsoft wrote. “These monthly moments will take place throughout the rest of the year and will be a way for us to engage, connect and celebrate with you about what’s in store for the next generation of gaming, including what’s next for Xbox Series X, Xbox Game Studios, Xbox Game Pass and Project xCloud. Every month will bring something different.”

We’ll update as soon as more info on Microsoft’s major first-party event comes in.