Xbox Series X First-Ever Unboxing Video Surfaces Online

Xbox Series X

The first-ever Xbox Series X unboxing video has been shared online today.

The video, which can be watched below, has been shared by YouTube user Willy Crow and provides a better look at the console's packaging and more.

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The Xbox Series X is now one month away from launch, so the first unboxing video surfacing online today isn't too surprising. As consoles are getting sent to retailers, we should expect more on the Microsoft next-gen consoles to be revealed very soon.

The Xbox Series X launches alongside the Xbox Series S on November 10th worldwide. You can head over here to learn everything there is to know about Microsoft's next-gen console.

The Xbox Series X will use the so-called Xbox Velocity Architecture, which is comprised of four components: the dedicated hardware decompression block, the custom NVMe SSD, Sampler Feedback Streaming, and the brand new DirectStorage API. Its goal will be to 'radically improve asset streaming' and 'effectively multiply available system memory', which is going to be important since the jump in available RAM is the smallest in the entire spec sheet.

The Xbox Series X hardware is also fully DirectX 12 Ultimate compliant. Its raytracing support is based on the latest version of Microsoft's DXR API, as you would expect; then there's the already mentioned Sampler Feedback Streaming, Variable Rate Shading (VRS) support to save performance where the shading rate can be reduced in a game's scene, and lastly Mesh Shading, which promises to allow game developers to dramatically improve the number of objects that can be displayed in a scene.

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