Windows Store Not Opening on Windows 10? Try Out These Methods To Fix It

Zara Ali
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Windows 10 is a brilliant OS, but just like any other OS, it also shows up with behavioral issues that require a fix. Mostly, users get an update to fix bugs and troubles according to the version, but there remain some issues that need manual fixes. One such issue is with Windows Store that is being reported by several users. Apparently, after Windows 10 Creators Update, most of the users reported problem with Windows Store. The error number for this issue is 0xD000000D, which can now be fixed by following some simple steps.

If you get a blank screen when you try to open Windows Store, then we are talking about the same issue that has an error number 0xD000000D. The problem persists even when you try to reload the app.

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You can try these steps to fix the error on your system:

First Step: Adjusting Date and Time

Firstly, you need to check if the date and time on your Windows PC are correct. Checking it is important as many encrypted connections rely on that data, including Windows Store. After adjusting date and time on your PC, check if Windows Store is opening now. If not, then you must follow the next step.

Second Step: Check for Update

Windows Store

Open services.msc - Click Start > type "services.msc" in the Start search box and then hit ENTER. Now, check for Windows Store, if the service is not running then click on it to run. Now check if Windows Store is opening or not. If it is still showing a blank screen, then you have to follow the third step.

Third Step: Clear Windows Store Cache

Windows Store Cache

In most of such cases, Clearing the cache can fix the problem. You can try clearing Windows Store cache by Pressing Windows Key + R to open Run, after it opens, type - "wsreset.exe" command and hit OK. Now, you will see a blank Command Prompt window that will automatically close in 10 seconds approximately. After it closes, Windows Store should open automatically. If this method does not work then you can move to the next.

Fourth Step: Try Troubleshooting

Windows Store

Open Settings and then click on Troubleshooting. Now, click on Windows Update Troubleshooter and run it. A new window will open up, wherein you have to select "Try troubleshooting as an administrator" and then click "Next." Wait for some time and let the Troubleshooter complete its scan. After its completion, restart your PC and open Windows Store again. It should open now and show all the apps and content.

We hope these fixes resolve Windows Store problem on your PC.

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