Leaked Windows 10 Mobile Build 10534 Introduces New Options in Settings Menu


Following the release of Windows 10 10532 to Fast ring members, Windows 10 Mobile screenshots of an upcoming build 10534 have leaked. Last build released to Insiders was Windows 10 Mobile 10512 which didn't bring in any major feature updates.

These screenshots have been taken on a Lumia 635 running Windows 10 Technical Preview 10534; which is reportedly more polished and speedy when compared to the earlier build. Leaked by a Polish website, latest Windows 10 Mobile does bring in some changes, including its Settings page revealing two new options around phone connectivity.

Windows 10 Mobile 10534 comes with improvements to the SIM settings page and a new USB EEM option on the Developer Settings page, which seems to be disabled. This will allow a user to make their device visible to USB EEM (Ethernet Emulation Model) connections. The other setting will help a user make their devices visible to USB connections and local network. New connectivity options might come in to play some part with Microsoft Continuum to bring in a PC-like experience on your smaller devices when they are connected with a mouse, keyboard, and a monitor.

Microsoft is expected to release a new Mobile build to insiders in the coming week. Until it does, here are all the Windows 10 Mobile screenshots of the build 10534.

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