How to Fix iPhone WiFi Issues on the iOS 7 Update

Rafia Shaikh

Some of the users who when upgraded to iOS 7 version, including the latest 7.0.3, faced some issues with WiFi. This problem has been previously faced with Apple updates and usually Apple cures such issues with the next software updates. Till Apple does that, and God knows how many errors will we find in the beautiful iOS 7, here are a few fix-ups to help out!

1- iPhone WiFi issues? Reboot your device!

Well, I assume most of you have already tried that but in case you haven't, simply press and hold the power key along with Home button until you see the Apple logo appearing again. If it solves the iPhone WiFi issues, congratulations. You had it the easiest way!

2- Reset network settings:

Resetting network helps in some 60 - 70% of cases suffering from iPhone WiFi issues. Go to Settings General > scroll down to Reset, and then tap on Reset Network Settings. If you are on a secure network, it will ask you pass keys.

3- Check router:

Perhaps the issue is not with your iOS 7 updated device, but your internet connection? Before proceeding to the next fix, make sure your network is working fine and so is the router / modem. Try same network on your other devices to ensure that it is working fine.

If all is good with network and network equipment, proceed to the very last option.

4- Restore iPhone - Gah!

If you don't seem to solve the iPhone WiFi issue using any of the above checkups, final resort is to reset your Apple iPhone. Resetting Apple device sort of cleanses your device so it will come out all clean and error-free like new.

To reset your iOS 7 device, head over to Settings General Reset, and tap on the Reset All Settings. You can also reset your device from iTunes. The option Restore iPhone will show up once you connect your device with the computer.

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