watchOS 7 Removes Force Touch from Apple Watch Models

watchOS 7 completely disables Force Touch on all Apple Watch models, not just latest ones

The full and final version of watchOS 7 is here and yes, it does remove Force Touch from the Apple Watch.

Apple has Removed the Loved Force Touch Feature from Apple Watch Series 5, Series 4 and Series 3 with Latest Software Update

Apple has completely removed the 3D Touch tech from its iPhone lineup. It was only a matter of time it did the same for Apple Watch and it did so with the release of Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch SE.

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But Apple cranked things up a notch with watchOS 7 by removing the feature from devices that even had the Force Touch hardware in them. So, if you are wondering why your shiny new Apple Watch Series 5, Series 4 or Series 3 is not responding to your deep presses after the update, it’s because Apple wants you to use Haptic Touch instead.

Do a long press on the watch face and you will eventually figure it out how things are going to be moving forward.

In order to make up for the lack of Force Touch in Apple Watch, the watchOS 7 has moved around some UI elements in order to make up for its absence, although there is no absence of the hardware itself on older models. For example, if you want to clear all notifications on your Apple Watch, simply bring down the Notification Center, go all the way up by swiping down, now tap on Clear All.

Remember how you used to change your Move Goal from the Activity app (which is oddly called Fitness on iPhone)? Well, in watchOS 7, simply open up the Activity app and swipe all the way down to change your move goal. There are no Haptic Touch gestures here to bring up the Move Goal button. Same goes for creating a new message in the Messages app.

Rather than developing different experiences for users with Apple Watch models that have Force Touch, Apple has chosen to do completely away with it in watchOS 7. It has disabled the feature on a software level. And no, in case you are wondering, there is no secret software button to re-enable this feature once again.

How’s that for a downgrade you didn’t ask for, eh?

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