Apple Watch Series 6 and SE Do Not Feature ‘Force Touch’ Displays

Uzair Ghani
Apple drops Force Touch from Apple Watch Series 6 and SE

With no mention of '3D Touch' or 'Force Touch' on its website, Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch SE drop the tech going forward.

Apple Watch Series 6 and SE Latest in Apple's Product Lineup to Drop 3D Touch / Force Touch Displays

The Apple Watch Series 6 is a very modest upgrade over the Series 5 in a lot of ways. Apple even thought that boosting the performance is the right thing to do here. We're not sure how it helps given how fast the Series 5 already was, but there's that.

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Apple Watch SE on the other hand is a nice upgrade too, packing in all the necessary features that make the Apple Watch so great compared to the competition, such as an edge-to-edge display, built-in workouts, great battery life and so much more.

But where do these Apple Watches fall short? Well, it appears as though the new wearables lack 3D Touch / Force Touch displays. If you go through the official product pages for both these wearables, you won't find a single reference to it. But it gets weird - if you do the same for Series 3, you won't find any references either. Apple most likely did this for the Series 3 'on paper' so it looks on par with the new watches. It is highly likely that the Series 3 will still ship with Force Touch.

This was something we actually saw coming a few months back as watchOS 7 revealed that Apple will ditching Force Touch in favor of Haptic Touch, something which the company widely uses with the entire iPhone lineup and iPad.

Honestly, it's very, very easy to get used to Haptic Touch as it builds around touch and hold gestures. But obviously, many of you will be sad to see it go, including us.

That's how life is, apparently.

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