watchOS 7.4 will Enable ECG in Australia and Vietnam Next Week


Apple will releases watchOS 7.4 next week to Apple Watch users around the world. It will enable ECG in Australia and Vietnam.

Apple Watch ECG Feature is Coming to Australia and Vietnam Next Week with watchOS 7.4

Next week, Apple will release iOS 14.5 and iPadOS 14.5 to everyone around the globe. But, at the same time, Apple will be seeding other software as well, including watchOS 7.4.

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When the new watchOS 7.4 update drops, there are plenty of features which you can expect, including the ability to unlock your iPhone without fiddling with Face ID, as long as you are wearing your Apple Watch. But, if you live in Australia or Vietnam, there is another important feature which you should look forward to - ECG.

Starting next week, after the rollout of watchOS 7.4, you can start using ECG in both Australia and Vietnam. Please do keep in mind that you must own an Apple Watch with a built-in ECG sensor in order to take advantage of this feature. Series 3 and the new Apple Watch SE are not supported here.

You will also be able to enable notifications for irregular heart rhythm in Australia and Vietnam as well. Both these features have been proven to be lifesavers and we feel pleased that they are rolling out to more countries as we speak.

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