Valve Disables Steam Trading and Marketplace Transfers for CS:GO and Dota 2 Items for Dutch Players


Valve has disabled trading and Steam marketplace transfers for CS: GO and Dota 2 items for Dutch players following prosecution threats from the Dutch Gaming Authority.

Earlier today we reported that the Dutch Gaming Authority will be checking whether publishers have made adjustments to its lootboxes in several games, on penalty of huge fines. The publishers were given the opportunity to make adjustments until today.

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In response, Valve has now disabled trading and marketplace transfers  for items that have been obtained through lootboxes for Dutch players. Upon starting Steam, Dutch players are greeted by a message that informs them on the actions taken by Valve.

“The Kansspelautoriteit accusation is different from how other countries think about loot boxes, so we hired [a] Dutch legal counsel, looked at the recent Study into loot boxes published by the Kansspelautoriteit, and learned more about Dutch law”, the message reads. “We still don’t understand or agree with the Kansspelautoriteit’s legal conclusion, and we’ve responded to explain more about CS:GO and Dota 2.”

By disabling trading and marketplace transfers, the game’s loot boxes no longer contravene the Dutch law, but Valve has said that these measures are only temporary until another solution has been found.