Unlocked Galaxy S10+ with 128GB Storage Available for $495, Renewed

Uzair Ghani
Fully unlocked and renewed Galaxy S10+ available for $495

You can pick up a fully unlocked Samsung Galaxy S10+ smartphone with 128GB storage for a low price of just $495, renewed.

Renewed and Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S10+ Available in Prism Blue with 128GB of Storage for Just $495

The Galaxy S10+ isn't a cheap phone if you are buying it brand new and you can save some serious money if you take the renewed and unlocked route. How much saving are we talking about? Well, just $495 for a phone with 128GB of storage. That much.

The main focal point of this marvelous Galaxy S10+ is without a doubt that large 6.4-inch display. It's Super AMOLED, it's super bright, super crispy and packs a resolution of 3040x1440. When it comes to display tech, Samsung nails it every single time and the S10+ definitely has our vote.

Under the hood, you get a powerful Snapdragon 855 chip which is absolutely perfect for anything you might be planning to do on this phone. Gaming? Check. Social media? Check. Photos and videos? Double check.

There are multiple cameras on the back of this phone. Whether you are taking a regular photo, telephoto or ultra-wide, this phone will shoot it all. On the front, you get an option between a wide and a slightly-wide camera if you want to fit an entire group of people in your selfie.

There is a lot to love about the Galaxy S10+ and you can't go wrong with this phone. Now that it's available renewed and unlocked, you can save quite a lot of money, too.

Buy Samsung Galaxy S10+, 128GB, Prism Blue - Fully Unlocked (Renewed) - $495

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