Unlocked Galaxy S20 Plus 5G Is Discounted by $250 for 128GB, 512GB Storage Options, but Time Is Running Out


Samsung didn’t exactly listen to the customer when it came to the pricing of the Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20 Plus, and the Galaxy S20 Ultra. With even the base model starting at a whopping $999, it wasn’t exactly something you could pick up and not worry about your finances at the end of the day. However, with a string of discounts on the Galaxy S20 Plus 5G, it’s much easier for you to pick up the slightly bigger model, thanks to the considerable savings you’re getting.

If you head over at Amazon right now, you’ll notice that both the 128GB and 512GB storage models are available at a discount. The 128GB version costs $949.99, while the 512GB model is retailing for $1099.99. This is far more affordable than what this flagship cost a few months ago, and that’s a major plus point for you. Also, this is the unlocked version, so it doesn’t matter which carrier you choose to run it on, the Galaxy S20 Plus 5G will be compatible with all major U.S. networks and it works with both mmWave and sub-6GHz bands.

Still, we’ll tell you to activate the Galaxy S20 Plus 5G on Verizon, because the data speeds will be out of this world. Unfortunately, Amazon is only keeping this deal active for 24 hours. The bright side is that the discount is available for all three paint jobs; Cloud Blue, Cosmic Gray, and Cosmic Black, but the 512GB model with the $250 price cut is only available in the Cosmic Black variant.

For $250 off, this is an excellent deal for customers wanting to pick up a Samsung flagship, but time is running out, and there’s no telling how many units there are for sale, so you’d best hurry.

Buy the Galaxy S20 Plus 5G from Amazon at $250 off