Galaxy Note8 Marketing Material Reveals a 256GB Internal Storage Model – Samsung Going All Out?

Omar Sohail

Out of the blue, an image revealing the marketing material of the Galaxy Note8 has been revealed. What is interesting to note in this image is the internal storage this particular model is rocking. Looks like Samsung wants to go all out with the internal storage, which is why the company might just be announcing a 256-gig model during its official unveiling.

256GB Model Listed in Promotional Material - Not Detailed if This Note8 Model Will Be Launched Overseas

Taking a look at the text, you can see that Samsung is intending to launch a 256GB model but it is possible that this particular version is going to remain limited to Korean markets in order to gain better momentum on the company’s home turf. With this extra storage, consumers will not have to worry about expanding their existing memory, although in the pre-order freebie list, it has been detailed that a 256GB microSD card will be included.

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If you want to be a complete baller, you can potentially get up to 512GB of storage on the Galaxy Note8, so you will never have to worry about deleting items from your device ever again. As for the specifications, the Note8 will come with a 6.3-inch Infinity Display that will take advantage of Super AMOLED technology.

We have a feeling that the base model will feature 64GB of onboard memory, which should be abundant for regular users that just want to grab an Android flagship, but the exclusive S-Pen features will surely make the smartphone experience for potentially millions of consumers worth it.

Rumor has it that the Galaxy Note8 will be available at a very steep price of EUR 1,000 but keep in mind that this is going to be for the unlocked models. When the flagship officially starts selling in the U.S., carriers will have their own enticing deals for consumers.

Another added advantage is that the smartphone will come with 6GB of RAM right off the bat, giving users access to more multitasking options at hand.

Would you be interested in purchasing the 256GB model? Tell us down in the comments.

News Source: techtastic

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